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COVID-19 Procedures for Opening 

08/26/2020, 10:45pm EDT
By Tyler Casillo


General Information

Skaters, coaches, and chaperones agree to stay home if they are ill, symptomatic, or believe they have been in contact with anyone who may have COVID-19 or symptoms of COVID-19 o All skaters and coaches must maintain the proper social distancing of the recommended 6 feet.  Ice Practices ONLY o All ice times must have a coach and may only include up to 25 participants including the coach or coaches.  Arrival to the Cheektowaga Recreation Center

 Skaters and coaches are only allowed to enter the main entrance of the facility which is the front of the Rec Center.

 There are two entrance doors only to the facility in front. Skater must be dropped off outside the facility where the designated coach will meet the skaters.

The Recreation Staff will grant participants and coaches access to the facility 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time.

All staff, skaters and coaches must wear a mask while in the facility except for on ice activity.

Skaters must follow the signage to properly enter the facility.

The accessible entrance will be for those who have a physical disability. o Skaters and coaches will be allowed in the facility 15 minutes prior to the start of their designated sessions. o Once the entire group has arrived, the Rec Center staff will allow entrance to the facility. The main entrance door will then be locked again. 

Skaters must arrive to the facility completely dressed and ready to skate except for skates, helmets & gloves.

1 parent will be allowed in the facility for each player for ages 12 yrs and younger, all other parent’s, guardians, and spectators will not be allowed in the facility for practices, unless for medical reasons.

A maximum of 2 parents will be allowed during game times. Those guardians or parents for children’s teams 12 yrs of age and younger will be allowed to sit in the closet section of the of dressing area 1 in the bleachers. No one will be allowed back into the lobby area or restricted areas, except to use the rest rooms.

Inside the Cheektowaga Recreation Center 

Bathrooms will be open for patrons, but skaters WILL NOT be allowed to change in the bathroom. 

Locker rooms will remain locked and unavailable.

The water fountain will be closed off and skaters must bring their own water bottle.

Trash cans will be placed in both team dressing areas and will remain open so players/coaches will not need to touch the cans to throw anything out. o Hand sanitizers will be fully stocked and readily available. o

Coaches and skaters should use hand sanitizers immediately upon entering the building.  

Properly social distanced space will be available marked on benches for the skaters to put on their skates and/or helmet.  

No regular size hockey bags will be allowed in the facility, players should keep sneakers and other footwear the proper distance from other players. Coaches will need to monitor this.  

The facilities crew will wipe down and sanitize the players dressing area after each session. Facilities will continuously monitor and clean the high-traffic areas.  

No one will be allowed access to the upstairs meeting rooms or areas, except for Town of Cheektowaga employees only.  

On Ice Sessions o Coaches are always required to supervise their skaters while inside the Cheektowaga Recreation Center including the time prior to and immediately following the session.  

Skaters must conduct all warmup and cool-down activities outside of the facility 

No off ice or dryland stretching, or training is allowed inside the facility. o All skaters must use their own personal equipment, essential items only, and must remove these items when leaving the facility. 

Coaches are responsible for ensuring safe social distancing while on the ice and assisting the facilities staff with maintenance of social distancing while in designated areas. o

No hockey games or body contact may occur during hockey practice sessions, until given approval by the New York State COVID-19 Rules. o Skaters can bring their own essential personal items (water bottles, tissues, etc.) on the ice to be stored in a designated area on the team benches. 

Departure of the Cheektowaga Recreation Center  

Skaters and coaches must exit the ice surface using the same entrance they came on the ice. Skaters and coaches must exit the facility no later than 15 minutes after the session ends. 

There will be 30 minutes in-between each session so facilities can resurface the ice and clean and sanitize the proper areas that were just used

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