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I am sitting here working in the hockey office; I was glancing at some of the practices this evening and wanting to say to all the members of the Cheektowaga Hockey Program how proud I am.

2021 is a new year! Thank you! To the coaches, parents, players & hockey staff for your cooperation that have all stood by our program and done so good for all our participants, especially with all the drama that has gone on in this world.

Thank you! For all your patience, coaches having to constantly think of new practice formats, managers that have still carried out their team duties and had to listen to allot of tough questions they didn’t have answers too.

Thank you! To the hockey staff that has always been committed to our program. This season we were working without a rulebook so to speak, as we normally had every other previous season. There is still so much up in the air that we just do not know.

Thank you! To the parents of our participants, having to deal with all the rule adjustments that this current situation has been given in our hockey world. I know you have all dealt with this situation in your own way. You all have sacrificed allot and for that I sincerely commend you!

Lastly, I ask you to stay strong people, stuff does not last forever. I appreciate and thank you again for your perseverance for standing with us… Continue to stay safe and keep your faith, the family of the Cheektowaga Hockey Program is strong!

Tony Pierino
Cheektowaga Hockey Program Coordinator

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